Platform Boom 150 Pro Series – Railblaza

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Platform Boom 150 Pro Series

diese felxibele, stabile über 3 Achsen verstellbare Plattform eignet sich zum Aufbau von verschiedenen Geräten, wie z. B. Fishfinder, Kamera, usw. Größe ca. 10,2 x 10,2 cm, Gesamthöhe ca. 35 cm. Die Plattform kann auf alle Railblaza Sockel aufgebaut werden und noch zusätzlich mit Verlängerungen und/oder Extender Armen in die gewünschte Position gebracht werden.


1 x Platform Boom 150

  • Weight Overall: 340 g
  • Length: 340 mm
  • Camera Screw Thread: 1/4″ BSW
  • Platform Size: 102 mm x 102 mm
  • Device Weight Limit: 2.5 kg

The RAILBLAZA Pro Series Booms are the perfect way to hold your camera and capture the action. Whether you’re using a kayak, multi-hull sailboat, inflatable, motorcycle, or any other vehicle.

The Boom 150 is great for general use, and works equally well for sounder displays and other electronics as it does for cameras.
Product features include;

  • 5 adjustment axes, the 5th axis is for “horizon correction”, so if the Boom is mounted on a sloping surface you can still get the horizon level with a quick tweak of this 5th joint
  • All friction joints are factory set, no need to tighten any joints.
  • The Platform Boom 150 is a unique 3-in-1 construction, in the one package you get the adjustable platform, a fixed 150mm (6″) extender, and an adjustable extender!
  • Compatible with any RAILBLAZA StarPort, SidePort, RIBPort or RailMount, this is the most versatile camera mount on the market.