EXTENDA POLE 1000 – Railblaza

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EXTENDA POLE 1000 Railblaza

Die sehr stabile Extenda Pole Verlängerung von Railblaza kann auf fast allen Booten mit und ohne Schienensystem montiert werden. Der Arm ist sehr stabil und kann in 3 verschiedenen Längen aufgebaut werden. Es kann bei Bedarf verschiedenes Zubehör wie z. B. Flagge, Kamera, Beleuchtung montiert werden.


  • 1 section = 380mm
  • 2 sections = 680mm
  • 3 sections = 980mm

Passende Sockel zur Befestigung der Halterung sind Z. B. der SidePort, StarPort, Railmount, StraPort HD oder SidePort von Railblaza.


The robust and lightweight Extenda Pole 1000 is the most versatile light, flag and camera mounting pole you can buy. It disassembles to a short length for easy storage (350mm or 14″), and has great corrosion and UV resistance. You can extend it by adding extra 300mm long extender pieces which can be purchased separately.

The base of the pole clips into any of the many RAILBLAZA StarPort mounts, and the top will hold any RAILBLAZA accessory. Also featuring an eye to hold a flag, and tie down hooks on each section. Supplied complete with a velcro strap to keep the parts together when not in use.

Extenda Pole is perfect for holding lights, cameras, flags and torches.


  • 1 section = 380mm (15”)
  • 2 sections = 680mm (27”)
  • 3 sections = 980mm (38.5”)


With RAILBLAZA you can hold your GoPro or most other cameras on a kayak, yacht, farm bike, rail or many other surfaces.
This compact option allows you to adjust your camera to every angle, with factory set friction joints your camera will stay steady.

The Camera mount adaptor will fit all cameras with a ¼ 20 thread insert allowing them to become StarPort compatible.
Then to mount it on almost any surface just add the correct RAILBLAZA mount.

Also includes GoPro style tripod adaptor to suit SLR, Contour, Garmin, Sony, Panasonic, HedCam, GoPro, and most action cameras on the market.