12 Volt Thrive Baitwell, Köderbox Krate – Wilderness Systems

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Thrive Baitwell Köderbox – Wilderness Systems

Sehr stabile Köderbox die bei Bedarf mit Frischwasser durchflutet werden kann. Für den Betrieb der Frischwasserpumpe sorgt der integrierte, leistungsstarke Wilderness Systems Akku, der bei Bedarf auch gleich über eine USB Schnittstelle andere E- Geräte versorgen kann. Über ein Lenzloch im Boot wird ein Schlauchsystem mit der Box verbunden. Somit kann die Box permanent mit Frischwasser versorgt werden. (Auch als Getränkekühlung gut geeignet).

Für Stromnachschub sorgt z. B. die Wilderness Solar Panel.

Solar Panels – Wilderness Systems

The future of live baitwells has arrived with the Thrive Baitwell. Engineered to integrate with most sit-on-top kayaks, the Thrive Baitwell features a unique flexible hose system to draw water from any scupper in the rear tankwell, while a pump simplifies the input/output cycle. Modern and functional, the Thrive Baitwell boasts a compact lithium battery that is chargeable by USB. Stylish and strong rubber latches secure the spring-loaded lid, and the unit is easily transported with comfortable carry handles. Three rod holders come standard for a seamless transition from baiting to fishing.

  • Convenient access to live bait storage, designed specifically for kayaks
  • Compatible with most sit-on-top kayaks
  • Flexible hose system
  • Lithium battery chargeable by USB
  • Spring-loaded lid with rubber latches
  • Universal lash down points
  • Compatible with Solar Panels
  • The motor features two modes of operation – continuous and intermittent
  • The pump is self-priming and will draw water into the baitwell even when it’s empty
  • The Thrive Baitwell is also a power bank that can be used for charging small USB devices such as phones and cameras
  • LED lights will show power range remaining
  • Capacity – 26 liters total; drain levels are lower
  • Battery – 15 Amp
  • Output – 12 volt for pump; 5v for USB outlet
  • Flow rate – 3 liters per minute
  • Power draw – 18 watts
  • Comes with:
    • Internal pump and battery system
    • Mesh bag for bait
    • Intake hose
    • 2 drain pipes
    • USB charging cord
    • 3 rod holders
  • Dimensions
    • 13” tall
    • 15.25” wide
    • 20” deep