StarPort Extender R-Lock R – Railblaza

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StarPort Extender – Railblaza

Stabile Verlängerung für Ihr Railblaza Ausrüstung. Passt auf alle Railblaza Sockel und kann mit anderen Extender kombiniert werden. Länge ca. 13.3 cm.

What You Get

1 x Adjustble Extender, length: 130mm (5.2″) overall,
gives 105mm (4.2″) of extension

The Adjustable Extender has 2 pivots that allow full-circle free rotation (under resistance) along the central axis. It also has a central knob to adjust for up to 180° tilt in 15° increments.

When coupled with one of RAILBLAZA’s large range of accessories, the Extender is a great addition to help keep hold of your emergency torch or fishfinder, or any number of useful items.