Skipper – Jackson Kayak

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Skipper Angler – Jackson Kayak Farbe dorado

Hier der Skipper als unbenutztes Neuboot.

Der kleine und handliche Skipper von Jackson Kayak ist nicht nur für Kinder super geeignet. Auch Erwachsene Paddler bis ca. 175 cm Körpergröße finden mit dem Skipper ein handliches und bequemes Boot für den schnellen Einsatz zwischendurch. Auf Grund der kompakten Länge von nur 274 cm und einer Breite von 71 cm passt der Skipper in viele Kleinbusse und auch Kombi PKW. Bei der Ausstattung brauch der Paddel auf fast nichts verzichten. Die Sitzanlage ist in der Höhe verstellbar. Dabei sind auch zwei eingelassene Rutenhalter im Heck, ein RAM Rutenhalter mit Sockel fürs Schienensystem, die Jackson Trinkflasche und eine Jackson Tackle Box.


  • Länge ca. 274 cm
  • Breite ca. 71 cm
  • Höhe ca. 30 cm
  • Zuladung ca. 100 kg
  • Gewicht ca. 22 kg


Kids have often asked us, „how come grown ups get all cool stuff on their fishing kayaks!?“ Well, young anglers, we’ve listened and just like we did with our kids whitewater kayak line we have made a specific model for those energetic lighter weight anglers – the Skipper. We often noticed that kids were kayak fishing in shorter, adult-width, kayaks that are really meant for adults. These young anglers find these kayaks slow and hard to paddle which makes it challenging to keep up with mom or dad. With the Skipper, we’ve designed its hull from the ground up with the youth fisherman in mind, making it narrow enough so they can easily keep up with adults without getting too worn out or frustrated. The Skipper also offers a stable enough platform for standing while casting just like mom and dad do in our larger adult focused versions. It’s no secret that our kids look up to us and want to use what mom or dad use in any sport or activity and this is why we’ve made the Skipper mirror our larger models with the following standard Jackson Kayak features: comfortable, smaller, hi/lo Elite seat with tackle storage, molded in center Nalgene holder, internal rod storage options, rear flush mount rod holders, rod tip protectors, one RAM track mount for accessories, rear tankwell storage, replaceable skid plate, large front hatch, and some unique deck rigging and tether clips just in case a tow is in need. Recommended for anglers in the 50 to 125lb range. This certainly still includes many teens, college students, women and some adult men that are looking for that smaller, nimble craft to take on some wild waters that only a light weight kayak can easily access! With the Skipper at the helm for 2016, we feel confident that young kids who grew up fishing with mom and dad in our Big Tuna or Kilroy DT tandem models will now be able to graduate and captain their own fishing ship!